Top Activities in Hawaii for the More Adventurous Traveler

No matter which island you choose, adventure travelers are sure to find a nearly endless number of outdoor activities to satisfy most everyone. When planning your vacation, here is a look at some of the best to consider.Hiking volcanic craters
It’s hard to beat the spectacular panoramic views you’ll get from atop a volcanic crater. The hike to the summit of Mount Leahi is one of the most popular, also known as Diamond Head. Follow the Diamond Head Crater hiking trail on the inside of this famed volcanic mountain. Passing through dry forest up a steep switchback trail you’ll hike through a 300-foot tunnel followed by two long and very steep staircases eventually reaching sweeping views of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach as well as mountain slopes and coastal Oahu.On the island of Maui, enjoy a hike into the moonscape of Haleakala Crater with views of the North and South Shore and sometimes even the Big Island. Along the way you’ll experience the volcano’s power as well as its silence. The Sliding Sands Trail is famous for its incredible giant cinder cones colored with the pinkish hues typically found in the dessert.Biking down Haleakala
A must for cyclists, a bike ride from the 10,000-feet summit of Haleakala provides bicoastal views of Maui that may be the highlight of your vacation. Riders experience a thrilling 27-mile ride downhill with the option to stop at a number of shops, galleries and eateries along the way. A sunrise tour provides unparalleled views while taking a self-paced tour allows for adding adventures along the way like swimming off of Paia’s gorgeous white sand beaches or viewing the many towering falls.Surfing
Of course, Hawaii is known for being a surfing mecca, with some of the world’s best found on the North Shore of Oahu. Experts can ride monster waves or even experience the world-renowned Banzai Pipeline where the shallow water and coral shelf combine, creating powerful tubular waves resembling pipes. Beware, even the most experienced surfers find the full strength of The Pipeline to be rather unforgiving.For those who just want to try their hand at surfing without risking life and limb, the gentle rolling waves you’ll find at Waikiki Beach are ideal. They offer long rides in an easy going atmosphere and a chance to learn in the home of surfing with boards available for rent and lessons offered through a number of surfing schools.Waves are good year round, but the best time to go specifically for surfing is from June to August with more consistent south swells.On Kauai, experienced surfers will enjoy Hanalei Bay, while Kalapaki Beach at the Nawiliwili Harbor offers a shallow left and right sandbar break and an easy paddle-out great for beginners.

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